Optical Vases - Sterling Silver - E.Lord.jpg

My work is inspired by the spatial interaction between objects, structures and patterns in the natural and human landscape. I am interested by the effects of light on natural and man-made surfaces.

Silver is a very beautiful and highly responsive material. Folds combined with textured and acid etched finishes emphasise its reflective qualities, and its ability to interact with its surrounding environment. Its character and colour can change totally, depending on how it is lit, what it is placed on and where it is positioned in a room.

I enjoy developing designs which can be made from a single piece of silver. The challenge of starting with a totally flat, featureless sheet and transforming it into an original new from is really exciting to me.

All my scored lines are drawn into the metal free-hand. I am aiming for fluidity and softness, rather than hard geometry. The action of making is left as marks and traces on the surface of the metal. On a textured surface, the viewer can read the movement of the tools over the form. Dynamic process is also communicated through tension created by the folds and cuts.